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Author Topic: Your Fantasy Fuck - If She Ever Became A WG  (Read 93121 times)

Easy 1 for me :)
Holly Willoughby oh boy  :D
But Kelly Brook would rate high too.
I love womanly curves and nice sized breasts.

A 3some with these 2 would be a wet dream come true.

Who would be your Fantasy Fuck?

Offline carefree

Amanda Holden.

Fit as fuck, tight for her age and fucking huge hard nipples ;)
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Hawdit

Rachel Riley, I would remortgage the house for her!!
Banning reason: White-knight twat making false allegations against membership

Offline The_Don

I'll start with a group fuck please

Offline Oldbutnew

Can't disagree with any of those, but top of my list would by Kylie

Offline Iloveoral

For me, the girl out of Humans in the blue outfit she wears whilst still acting like a synth  :D

Offline bigmc

So many women  :D
Martine McCutcheon
Katy perry
Nigela lawson
Katherine jenkins
Plus all of the above  :D

Offline webpunter

Cameron Diaz
She comes across as being open minded & very naughty
Here she is in Bad Teacher - car wash scene     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UeyQM7qYoM
And the jammy b'stard Timberlake gets to dry-hump her   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I4Nt8mbGUM

Offline cueball

Katy perry
Nigela lawson

Oh bloody hell yes, those two ^^

Nigela for the homely milf podge and katy for the pse n swallow

Offline webpunter

Elizabeth Hurley
My winner in the MILF category.  Can't believe she's just turned 'Hawaii Five-0'

These two always make me reach for AW...

Carol Kirkwood

Sam Naz...

I think I watch too much telly...

Offline Theodore

Banning reason: Previously banned troll

Katie Perry is definitely up there.
If i could have all of Girls Aloud at the same time, that'd be amazing. Possibly heart attack inducing too!
Scarlett Johansson! However much she cost, it'd be worth it.

Offline itk

Cameron Diaz
She comes across as being open minded & very naughty
Here she is in Bad Teacher - car wash scene     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UeyQM7qYoM
And the jammy b'stard Timberlake gets to dry-hump her   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I4Nt8mbGUM

Agree with Cameron, plus Liz Hurley and Natalie Anderson.

Offline comaminion

Banning reason: White-knighting

Mmmm yes Carol always gets me up in the morning! I like Steph who does the business news too, she looks like she's a right dirty cow. However my fantasy would be Penelope Cruz.

Offline RedKettle

Any of the above, except Nigella I don't get that!!

Blondie in her heyday or Kylie anytime!

Offline comaminion

+1 to that. They seem to go on for miles!

She seems to have got more attractive over past couple years element of filth creeping in

Watch her bad blood music vid it's like a shopping list of sorts dressed in leather
Hayley Williams, cara delivigne, Jessica alba and loads more
Banning reason: White-knighting

Scarlet Johannson
I'd forgot how fit she was.
Yes please.

Offline unclepokey

Yep, that Carol Kirkwood does it for me.
I'm much more of an arse-centered kind of bloke but when Carol's doing the weather I simply can't take my eyes of her superb bosom and wonder what it would be like to see her smile as I spurt a load over those breasts.
Uncle Pokey

Offline Steely Dan

Today: Jennifer Lawrence
With time machine: Kathleen Turner from "Body Heat" days.
(with these two it is looks and service!)

Offline dc0582

Had a similar discussion with my other half recently - not in a prossie context obviously but celebrities in respect of whom the marriage vows were suspended.

I couldn't think of anyone famous I would actually add to the list. Whereas there's a girl I know through work who if I got the opportunity I wouldn't think twice. So can I have her as my fantasy fuck please!

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