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Author Topic: Tori Taylor - Adultwork  (Read 953 times)

29 review(s) for Tori.Taylor (25 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Now I've seen Tori many times because for me she's everything I look for in a woman beautiful, great body, intelligent and probably the most important is personality being able to have a laugh and feel comfortable/relaxed in her company, there's no greater mood killer than some frigid chick that says very little and just wants you out the door.
But not Tori! from start to finish she gives 110% and is probably the most intimate/passionate girl I've ever been with.

So After nearly a full month without any action (decided I was going to have a quiet month) I had pre booked Tori for her return from her jollies, the booking was a  3 hour incall at the modernized flats she works out of in Newcastle.

Comms as always where spot on, kept in the know, arrived on time plenty parking, felt safe leaving my car there tidy area.

Buzzed up, word of advice take the lift its a lot of stairs, greeted at the door by the beautiful Tori wearing a black dress, heels and that perfect smile. Ushered into the bedroom for some sensual kissing it took no time at all for us to get started could tell that holiday had taken its toll on her, she came at me like a sexual demon clothes flying off everywhere and underneath her dress was this sexy little number  which I took the liberty of pulling her perky nipples out to have a play with, it wasn't long before that too was gone and I was pushed back onto the bed to witness a grand view of her going down to perform some exceptional OWO.

At this point I normally return the favour but she had other plans and wanted a quickie first, as she bent over for the condom I went to have a play with that magnificent pussy to find she was absolutely soaked already, rubbered up and she climbed on top boy was she tight, DFK'ing as she grinded her way up and down till she had that first explosive orgasm after she caught her breath she was flipped over for some doggy and what a view it is after a while of pounding she was then flipped again into missionary where I turned into the Duracell bunny at this point it didn't take long for me to shoot my load with her legs and arms firmly gripping round me and her begging me to cum with her, after which she cuddled into me and we got talking as we normally do.

It would probably take all day to write the full 3 hours so what I will say was what followed was a blend of engaging/entertaining conversation mixed with many bouts of sexual debauchery, spot the white bits, and massaging each other which led immediately back to sex. Throughout the entire booking there was no clock watching many orgasms where had and as always Tori has this unrivalled quality of GFE.

Before I left we also hopped in the shower together and gave each other a good rub down  :dance:

Could get lost in those eyes and that pretty smile  :cool: All in all that was the best session I've had with her thus far, and we've had some corkers already.

I've seen many girls looking for 'the best' and Tori is the only 1 I keep going back to, and I will be seeing her again.

29 review(s) found for Tori.Taylor linked to in above post (25 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

An inspiring review. Thanks.

Must get round to booking Tori. So many must see girls atm I don't know where to start. Nice dilemma to have though.

3 hours!!!

3 HOURS!!!

3... H-O-U-R-S!!!

I take my hat off to you, young man  :hi:

My next appointment with Tori will be 1 or 2 hours.

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Banning reason: White knight prick

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks  :thumbsup:

One of the North Easts finest, great body & a lovely girl aswell.

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