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Author Topic: Sweet Maria - Bayswater  (Read 2130 times)

25 review(s) for Sweet Maria London (21 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline TheOracle


Sweet Maria is one of the most popular girls on UKP so there's not a lot I can add. She is indeed super hot, in a way that doesn't appear clearly from her pictures on AW: while they depict her physical features pretty clearly, her confidence and sexiness are only evident in person. She indeed is voluptuous: her body is perfect, although in a different way from people like Sophie A. or Denisa Doll. She told me that for Romanian standards she is "fat", but she is not fat at all, just wonderfully curvy. I couldn't stop moving my hands on her astonishing volumes, including the inked parts that in principle I wouldn't boobs find attractive, but on her body end up giving character in a way that makes even more interesting. People have written that her breasts are fake: I forgot to ask, but I was honestly surprised by how good they were, and wondered if they really are not natural.

Sex wise, the only slightly negative thing was the OW, but when I saw her taking a condom for it I thought "OK, maybe better like this: I've had too many meetings recently and being a little more prudent won't kill me". Her profile mentions OWO on the menu, so I could have probably asked.
While in the act, she was excellent: she grabbed my ass and set a fast pace. She definitely gave me the impression of being someone who can have fun doing what she does. For round two she asked me "can I turn around?": it looks like she likes it from behind.

Chatting with her was also quite pleasant: she seems like a smart, down to earth girl. Very outspoken, as well: she told me half jokingly that my language "sounds a bit gay" and that she things "pretty much everyone agrees with her" (it's the first time I hear it! ;) ), but also that she liked my body, thought I didn't look my age, etc.

I think what I liked the most, after the two last punts which were good but were both with girls that seemed a little sad, was her confidence, her sweet and smiling attitude, the feeling that she is perfectly happy doing what she does. Meeting Maria was a breath of fresh air, and I'm actually already thinking about when I might be able to meet her next (sigh, my poor bank account).

25 review(s) found for Sweet Maria London linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline smiths

Maria is an excellent WG in my experiences of punting with her and is half Romanian just showing what makes a good WG is her attitude NOT where she happens to come from.
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Offline mr.grey

Yeah, she is great but whats with that stuffed animal next to her laptop :D

Offline herbie007

Glad you had a good time with Maria.

 I was a bit taken back with how gorgeous she was when I first saw her and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

I also really enjoyed shagging her; reckon it’s time for another visit.

 Thanks for the review.  :drinks:

Offline The_Don

Meeting Maria was a breath of fresh air

Thanks for the review, this comment is congenial

Yeah, she is great but whats with that stuffed animal next to her laptop :D


Thanks for sharing via a review, if you have the time  Mr Grey
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Offline scarebear

Couldnt agree more, saw her back in January and must aim to pay her another visit again soon.

You might get something extra if you bring her Chinese food when you visit! 

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