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Author Topic: Romanian experiment  (Read 908 times)

So I thought I'd try an experiment.  As looks are more important to me than service (shallow I know), I don't mind too much the Romanian experience.  I do, however, know that communication can be crap.

As I was asking a slightly tricky thing (are you anywhere near mine around this time, etc...) I thought I'd try something.  I translated my question into Romanian and sent that by text.  Low and behold, I got a reply... which had nothing to do with my message.

Lol, oh well.

They probably thought your were a rival Sergei from Transalvaynia  :hi:

Ha.  Or the twist is that Sergei isn't Romanian.  If no one understood anyone else that would explain a lot

Offline NelsonH

The eastern european languages are very diferrent in grammar to English and the translation programs tend to produce rubbish.

You need to confine yourself to very simple English and then translate their output back into English to see if it worked. This can actually be quite amusing.

Fiddle about with the English until it kind of works. It will almost never come back to proper English as you would have written it.

The classic example is translating the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" and getting back "invisible idiot".
This is an old joke but is actually the kind of thing that happens.

With French you will get back pretty good English because there is more a less a simple French equivalent to most English words and they go together in more or less the same way.

Having said that I need a translation program to understand many of the posts on here.

Hi, yeah, that's what I did.  To and fro translation with simple sentences.  Tbf, even if it was gibberish they should have reacted in some sort of way.

Shame really, they could mop up if they improved comms and service.  Oh well

Offline willbred

FFS most of us punters have enough hassle and stress trying to get (a)the services we requested(b) the services on offer why do we want to complicate matters by getting involved in ad hoc translation of EE languages....oh,,I get it we want to fuck that Romanian hottie whose photos look sooo gorgeous on AW and who might....or might not  be gor real. Not for me.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (willbred, Diplomat65)

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