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Author Topic: Marie - House of Divine  (Read 596 times)

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It's been a while since I did a review so I thought it was about time, and I haven't seen this girl talked about yet.

Saw Marie a few weeks ago at HOD2 near Victoria.  This was my first time punting with someone that I had found somewhere other than AW; I know there are varying opinions on HOD so I was a little cautious.

I booked Marie because she is a fair-skinned redhead, which is exactly what I'm looking for.  She's also reasonably tall which is something I've been getting a taste for (have usually gone for shorter girls in 'real life').

So I called up the morning she was available and spoke to the receptionist/maid.  She's a little bit abrupt.  She mentioned nothing about the ten-digit code they talk about on the website and I didn't bother asking about it.  She also didn't give me the address until I actually asked for it - I guess they get a lot of regulars who know it.  Apart from that it was pretty smooth, they confirmed the time and texted me the address.

Upon arriving at the basement flat I was taken to a bedroom at the back - I actually saw Marie waiting in the living room area as I walked past - I was offered something to drink and told to wait there.  Marie promptly arrived with my drink and we greeted each other.  She is a stunning girl, probably the most beautiful I've got into bed with both in punting and in real life.  Her hair is dyed, it was more of a pinkish-orange colour than in those photos, whereas I was hoping for a genuine redhead, but her face and body are basically perfect as long as you're ok with small breasts.

There was a bit of an awkward moment as I wasn't sure of the appropriate moment to offer up the cash - usually I do this promptly but in this case I wasn't sure if I was suppose to give it to the receptionist or something - and Marie kind of awkwardly asked me to pay her, which I did.  My fault really and she was reasonable about it.

I won't go into massive detail about the punt itself, but the short of it is that Marie really could barely have been less enthusiastic.  She wasn't rude exactly but it was very much going through the motions.  At times, such as when we were kissing at the start (just kissing by the way, no DFK unfortunately), it felt like things weren't going to move forward.  I'm not an assertive person, I usually go with a 'follow their lead' approach, so perhaps if you're willing to tell her exactly what to do you will have a better time, but frankly she seemed bored.

After I was done we had time to lie down and have a bit of a chat.  It turned out we had some common interests and she was very nice to talk to - almost wished I could have stayed to carry on the conversation, but there was a knock on the door to announce our time was up (which is not a touch I appreciate).

I wondered if she was not in a good mood or tired from a day's work (though it wasn't that late in the day), or if perhaps she might be different on a repeat visit, but I don't really think I will want to spend the money to find out.

HOD-going through the motions - shortened appointments - false services…..

seems like this is a trend, i had 3/4 bad punts before learning my lesson.

I saw girl called Nadia last year, she had an incredible body, good punt but then I saw Amy and she was shite
, HOD is a mixed bag for me.

Apologies, forgot to post a link:


HOD-going through the motions - shortened appointments - false services…..

seems like this is a trend, i had 3/4 bad punts before learning my lesson.

To be fair, it wasn't a shortened appointment, I got the amount of time I'd booked, and the same for false services - she didn't refuse to do anything she was listed as offering.  Going through the motions though, yes.  And I was a little apprehensive about HOD before going.  I probably won't be going back.

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