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Author Topic: Jenny of Playmates  (Read 769 times)

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This girl has been on my hotlist for a while but is working in Manchester for Angel Companions/Playmates most of the time, so was pleased when I saw she was in Leeds. Tried booking a couple of days before originally but was only available at a time that didn’t work for me so booked a week ahead for the following weekend. Booking was efficient and easy with a call on the morning to confirm.

The meeting was to take place at Lovell House off Skinner Lane – wasn’t given the choice between this and Clarence Dock as was the case on a previous meet. The agency text me the location of the apartments and asked that I call them once outside. As I was arriving on foot, it’s good to get a text with the apartment number/door code so you aren’t loitering outside for too long but I was only given the apartment number/ entry code on the phone as I entered through the door. Can understand that the alternative of texting the punter could mean you are there before the girl is ready and I never requested a text instead of a call so it could be the case the agency would do this. Anyway, I digress.

I arrived at the door to the apartment as some nearby neighbours had a load of luggage outside their door and there were quite a few voices coming from around the apartment elsewhere. Jenny soon answered and I was let inside. As I have read in a previous review, I can confirm she is just as stunning as has been mentioned – really beautiful face and was dressed as requested. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and was tall in her heels. Her body was nice – large breasts together with great legs and arse. She offered me a drink and I dealt with the paperwork. She was very friendly and welcoming mentioning how hot it had been and where I had come from. I mentioned the area but don’t think she recognised it as she didn’t seem to be that familiar with Leeds.

I had read in a previous review that Jenny has a number of tattoos and (this is only my personal view) they aren’t really my thing unless very discreet but I knew this before the booking. She does have quite a large one on her lower back whereas the others are less obvious. I told her I’d had a shower before I came but she wanted me to have one before anything happened between us so I went into the bathroom where everything was provided and the shower was good. I quickly dried myself off before entering the bedroom where she was waiting.

I asked for the music to be turned off (never my thing in punts!) and noticed the windows were open – I guess in the hot weather it’s difficult to keep them closed, unless a fan is provided (thanks IK!) The downside here was there was quite a bit of noise coming from outside – sounded like a load of Chinese folk having a whale of a time. The bedroom setup was good – mirrors to the right and left of the room so you could see all the action. Only criticism of the apartment would be it was near some noisy neighbours and was quite shabby/worn in parts.

Jenny began to undress me as requested and we kissed for a while – this was nice and immediately with tongues. She stroked around my crotch and undid my belt before finding her way to my erect cock. She then took me in her mouth which felt very good. Only criticism on the OWO would be I think more eye contact was needed (I did request this later on and this was followed a little but not fully) and the sucking was a bit shallow throughout. Once I was hard enough I asked to try some sex – she put the condom on and added lube to her pussy before getting on top. Unfortunately, this part of the session didn’t go as planned – she manoeuvred my cock inside her but it kept coming out and then I softened so things got more difficult. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me so don’t think it’s fair to blame the girl – she was very tight and I would have loved to fuck her but we went back to her sucking me off.
I asked Jenny to change outfits after a while which and this was as I had requested.  The rest of the session alternated between her sucking me off in different positions and me wanking in front of her. As we got closer to the end of the booking she asked how much time we had left and I said a few minutes to which she commented about a concern someone could come knocking at the door. Unfortunately I don’t think orgasm was going to happen on this occasion – not sure what it was – the heat, loud voices from outside, tattoo on the back bothering me or just not feeling it at the end.

Still, Jenny is a great girl – probably one of the prettiest escorts I’ve ever seen and fairly willing/enthusiastic. I left with a kiss and cuddle and looked at the time as I exited – an hour on the dot including the shower time. Would be interested in seeing her in future – hopefully in cooler conditions, with less going on elsewhere and finishing with more of a happy ending!

Offline johnboy007

Thanks for the review, but sounds like it would perhaps be best as a neutral? OWO sounded average and she didn't initially dress as you asked?

It does sound though that Playmates might actually, for once, be correct when they put the repetitive and generally unbelievable 'stunning' or 'gorgeous' in their girls' descriptions. It's a pet hate of mine.

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Offline bod666

Hang on - this is a positive review but you didn't cum at all? Fair enough if it waning the girl's fault but really... If a girl wants to make you cum through oral they can. 

Some girls treat oral as a nice prelude to the main event of shagging (no danger of cumming), whereas some want to get you as excited as possible and edging it through the oral. I guess Jenny was the former but a good wg would have seen that you weren't was excited as you could be and gone hell for leather to make you cum by whatever means.

Definitely a neutral for me - can't see how this is a positive.

Although I will say if for the op it was a positive experience then we must agree with him. However if that happened me it would have been a neutral possibly even negative.
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Offline johnboy007

As for her not dressing as requested I've had this a few times with Playmates. It's like they sometimes just don't bother to or forget to, pass the request onto the girl.
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