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Author Topic: Facebook profiles  (Read 1834 times)

Offline Reiver

Was looking at a mutual friends friend list and out pops a profile picture with a familiar picture . She gets a few mentions on here she evens uses the same picture on Facebook and a/w she has it quite open and goes on about her family husband and pictures of her at events she goes to . You would think she would be clever enough not to use same picture of both sites and have it locked more with no public posts . Always been tempted to visit her but seeing her private life has put me off her .

Offline JazzMan

A lot of bait & switch AW profiles steal their photos from facebook.
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Offline Reiver

She's not exactly same picture on profile .

Offline RandyF

I've found a few on Facebook. Even did the right thing, and pointed out to one of them why others would be able to do the same thing....she didn't give a shit  :lol:

Some of they just have no idea wtf it is there actually involved in, and the implications.
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Offline Reiver

Put her name through Google and found her maiden name so much on the internet about you think I'll send her a message and tell her to be more careful .

I got a friend suggestion from Facebook for an escort from Manchester.  I think I called her to enquire about a visit when I was down there once. Very surprised to see it. I guess she uses her civvie phone for punting. She's quite a well known wg  (sexyscorpian) I didn't see her in the end, but I think it links you through phone numbers.  I've removed my own from Facebook.  This is a social network too far in my opinion. Hahaha

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