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Author Topic: Anna of Willesden Green  (Read 3509 times)

3 review(s) for Judy Japanese (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3001107 or https://www.adultwork.com/anna890710

I read in the profile that Anna lives with her sister who offers the same servce. That is a large hole in my bucket list so I get set and go. Her profile shows a beautiful slim Chinese lady with good breasts and a good smile. She gives plenty of clues to her location so I call a few times, at first the phone is switched off, then it rings out, and then she calls me. Phew. No one else in earshot at the time. I suggest a time in a couple of hours and mention I shall like to meet her sister also. I confirm again 20 minutes before and then call from outside the house thanks to Google maps. Meter parking in the area. Victorian terrace.

A young Chinese man answers the door so I am wary. I go in and stagger up to the 2nd floor, and I am met by a slimmer version of the lady in the photo. Bait and switch? I am still wary and ready to walk but she greets me with a full on snog kiss or dfk as the jargon has it and a big smile. Clean flat and room, only one pillow covered with a towel. Big bed.

I ask about her sister who walks in. But there is zero family resemblance and not much smiling. I say no thanks and am ready to walk. But the slim lady is very attractive. She agrees that this is not her sister, and says 2 sisters will be in next week. (I remain a sceptic). I opt for a half hour £60.

Clothes off, snog snog, caress, cuddle, snog, lick her boobs, very slim but very pert and very responsive and she likes it. She strokes mister happy who is already at full size. I persuade her to mount my face as in cowgirl but over my mouth, she stares at the wall and then looks down at me. My mouth is full. One hand strokes her bum cheeks, the other on her breasts and then down her spine and indeed she tingles and moans and I am hitting the spot.

After a good while she climbs off and sucks my lollipop very nicely, takes it full into her mouth and her head goes up and down like a jackhammer.

On with the glove and she mounts me with energy but manages also to lean forward and snog at the same time. I turn us over and go into mish to a terrific slow climax all the while doing mouth to mouth.

Clean up slowly, relax in the heat, chat a little – she has some English – and I feel like a clear winner even if no sister.

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3 review(s) found for Judy Japanese linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

I did say she licked my lollipop and pay attention to my report, I did not mention the glove until the main course.
I did not ask her to suck my testicles, if I did not mention it it did not happen, I take no pleasure from it, you will not see it mentioned in any of my reports.
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Offline punk

sucking your balls is great when done with skill.

sucking your balls is great when done with skill.

sucking yours maybe but not mine

Offline punk

sucking yours maybe but not mine

each to his own, only problem comes when they suck too hard.

each to his own, only problem comes when they suck too hard.
or use their teeth?

thanks OP..sounds like v.good service for a chinese place. probably different girls every week so less likely to meet the same girl..... shame as she sounds like a good one.

Offline JV547845

That's a great write up and I'm glad you had a good time HP - would've been an excellent asian punt.  But do we give B&S bookings positives?  You never know which girl the next punter who booked through the same profile will see.

Offline dkbose5

NEGATIVE! :manhater:
Sorry, but I've had the worst experience ever!  Been to a few places before but this one was just out of order. Couldn't wait to review it so here's how it goes!

The young Chinese man answers the door, we go up the second floor, nice clean room, PAID and was hoping all good to go.
Not sure if she was the same girl in the picture... honestly I can't f*ckin make out the oriental faces  :wacko:
She asks me to undress, I asked her if SHE could and she resisted and ordered "DO IT QUICKLY"
Asked her to dim the lights a little and she wouldn't!
I started touching her (gently!) But she stopped me and pointed towards the bed.
Got on the bed, gave her my own rubber as don't trust their quality! (Made in C  :D) She still tried using one of her owns... I insisted to use the one I gave, there were some whispers and she eventually did.

She was extremely unpleasant and rude right from the beginning to the end, NO kissing allowed (Profile says French Kissing!!)
She repeatedly said "No Touching the face", even while she was sucking mine and at other times. By mistake (naturally) I ended up reaching her face a couple of times and she was straight up about it!
Very rushy throughout: While my tool was doing the job, she asked more than twice IF I was done or not!
At one point while sucking her nipples I ended up touching with my teeth (didn't bite.. I swear!) she screamed out loud to say do it slowly with a fake cry :cry:
There was a constant nagging :scare: and NOs. I got so fed up, I just asked her to turn over... and here we go...her tantrums still continue!
She was now not happy with my stubble (Hadn't shaved in two days :unknown:) and once again I committed the crime of touching her face, which I was warned for! :angry:
I am not the one who likes to create dramas as not sure where it'd lead to in such places, so I just ended up finishing and wanted to get the hell out of there!

Oh yes, did I mention that she forgot to smile!
I guess it was literally fucked up? :dash:

Offline yumyum3

Write your negative up as a separate review so as to warn other forum members. They probably have different girls each day and some of them are irritating duds - sounds like a similar modus operandi to the place near Clapham Junction. I stopped going there once the duds began to outnumber the good 'uns and you have some gormless, vanilla pratt constantly wet-wiping your cock and avoiding any even vaguely intense action  :thumbsdown:

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