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Author Topic: ED pils...cialis, Levitra, etc.  (Read 612 times)

can anyone give any advice on the alternatives to Viagra/kamagra that are available?

I was just looking on super drugs site and it seems you can get them all from them albeit quite steep.

Just wondering if any one had any direct experience of cialis or Levitra and if they were better than those blue pills which just give me a seriously blinding headache.

I don't mind going to the GP for them if it's going to be cheaper.


Offline AnthG

Have tried Cialis and Levitra.

I would say Viagra gives the best 'wood'. As in so stiff you feel you can literally break a window if there was a fire anywhere without a hammer type hard. It also however gives the worst side effects.

Of the other two I had the worst results with Cialis. In terms of I felt it did nothing for me. But I know others on the forum swear by it.

The best all round of the three is Levitra for least side effects and ok results.

Personally speaking while I have not tried it, Spedra (AKA avanafil) was introduced a year ago as a brand new ED drug and is regarded to have lesser side effects than the other old brands.

If you are going to go to your GP for a privare prescription I would ask for this. But it will be about £30 for 4 tablets.

Whereas Sildenafil (AKA Viagra) can now be had for £3 for 4 tablets. It thus makes grimming and bearing the side effects very cost effective.

Cheers mate,

I have only bad memories of Viagra but thinking back I'm wondering if it was actually kamagra I had.

Offline AnthG

Cheers mate,

I have only bad memories of Viagra but thinking back I'm wondering if it was actually kamagra I had.

Its the same thing, Sildenafil citrate. Kamagra is just the Indian patent name for it, like Viagra is the USA and European patent name.

The only think you have to worry about is if you bought Kamagra in the UK. It will have been from an unlicenced shop and thus it could have been made with brick dust or god knows what else. So it could have been this other ingredients you had the bad reaction to.

My advice would be go to one of the large Asda's in the region (Gateshead or Benton) and speak to the pharmacist and get 4x100MG of Sildenafil generic. Cut them in half to get 50mg (or even in 4 to get 4x25mg) and see how you respond to this.

If you react badly then try going to your GP and asking for Spedra or Cialis - I say Cialis as a load of people on the forum swear by it, I never got any side effects from it, I just never got anything from it.

Offline Marmite

I think one issue with recommendations is that everybody is different and many have differing experiences using the same drug.

I remember reading on here that from of the legitimate chemists Lloyds? it was possible  to buy a couple of pills of each type to allow experimentation.  I would try something like that to find what is the best solution.

tried them all and for sure viagra (sildenafil) are the no1 for me, also very close and just as good is sainsburys own generic of viagra again only on prescription

the stuff that the op mentioned done nothing at all for me

I have only bad memories of Viagra but thinking back I'm wondering if it was actually kamagra I had.

I had some kinda bad experiences with Kamagra, usually everything looked blue or orange, almost trippy... not too bad an experience but, after it wore off, I felt wiped out and my head pounded. I could really do with some V with my next punts as, due to nerves, etc, I can't get a full on boner.

I've tried Viagra, generic Sildenafil and Cialis. Viagra is best (for me) followed by the Sildenafil, although the two are identical and any difference is only in my head (That's the one on my shoulders). The after effects for me are headaches and terrible heartburn. Timing is everything. I've found that swallowing a pill 30 or 45 minutes 'before required' as the prescription politely puts it gives the best results. I've found that taking L-Arginine, a supplement available from places like H&B helps too, by enhancing the effects slightly.

Cialis did nothing for me, and each time I used it I ended up tired and aching all over.

All the advice I've read comes to the same conclusion: each of us is different and we need to try all three (or four now) to see which works best.

Tried them all on NHS prescription, so cost not a factor. The best by a country mile, one-a-day Cialis 5mg. Ready for action 24/7, zero side effects unless you count a hard-on like an iron bar :). All the others you have to anticipate sex by at least 30 min, and more likely an hour for best results, side effect whilst mild are never the less irritating.

Offline jonjo29

The best I have had by far is Cialis 5mg one a day. Bought it from a company on the internet.  But having said that it may not be best for the next guy. Only way is try other ED pills

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