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Author Topic: Pretty blonde Polish advice  (Read 560 times)

Offline Andyply

Received a text (left message on her voicemail) ok for a meet tonight.  First time with. Polish lady, only met Thai and Emglish before any advice to get the best possible service, Seen quite a few + reviews of Polish WG's and - of Romanians, am after a new experience, looks great, she's blonde, petite and busty.  :hi:
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Offline samuel

Looks gorgeous, mate. Braver man than me, though: no feedback.

xxxlisaxxx or something like that - not to be confused with the English girl with a very similar name - is a Polish blonde who I saw a number of times last year. Lovely service and good company. Her profile seems rather moribund atm, unfortunately.

Advice? Be a decent human being is all I've got, I'm afraid. Works with pretty much everyone, I've found.
I'm sure you had that covered though. :hi:

Offline Andyply

Cheers buddy.   :thumbsup: Apart from a few Asian Ladies I have never booked blind before.  I have also found being polite and a gent = rewards with escorts, am just not the pushy type, J ALWAYS phone to ask beforehand for service clarification but if services are not on their likes list or at discretion I take this as s big NO try go enjoy what's available and comfortable.  I either go ahead or look elsewhere.  Last minute babysitting has postponed the meet, sent message to apologize.  My only concern is every message I get back from her is the usual "ok BBY". Agree looks cracking, imagine being ridden cowgirl enthusiastically (that's what I was after)my EE foreign first time experience must wait as I am going to ask for a visit to 18yr student IndigoRise next week who sounds stunningly gorgeous on the phone, pictures are very beautiful too.  Tried to book this week but had to work late. Must be all the sun.  :unknown:
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she looks very hot, please let me know how you get on?

Offline Andyply

Sorry which one? :sarcastic: of course.  I value others reviews immensely, No review Matilda would be a once off experience, I did ask this forum for some feedback earlier  :angry: :mad: lazy sods  :rolleyes:
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