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Author Topic: ##Mia## - Old Street  (Read 3109 times)

20 review(s) for ##MIA## (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Decided I wanted a quick 30mins punt to end the week, not too far from work. As Tiffany is away plumped for a return visit to Mia - when i say return I last saw her around 2.5 years ago when she was working from the infamous Goswell St gaff. My memories of that time where mixed, found her very attractive but service was perfunctory, quite aloof. However recent reviews have been positive so thought i would give her the benefit of the doubt - so pleased i did.

Comms were very good by text , she even contacted me about 2 hours before time to check all was still ok. Nice reburbished flat very near to Old Street Station. Same place that I saw Alice, near to the Chantelle/Estelle block. Mia didnt like the place and was only there today. In fact doesn't sound like she will be spending much time in London over the next few months. Will be working more from Chelmsford.

Short, straight blonde her, shoulder length, very trim looking, , 5'2", size 8, pert tits with responsive nipples, tattoo on shoulder blade - all in all a very pleasant sight.

Greeted me in a little black dress - which it turned out was all she was wearing - but there was no welcoming embrace or any touching - not a good start I thought. Was offered and accepted a shower - then things took off. Prolonged FK standing up while we got to know each other - great tongue work - she makes it so hard you feel you could bite it - really like that. I relieved her of the dress and we dropped down to the bed. Thereafter followed a very enthusiastic session of more FK, OWO (not DT), RO, playing with her clit (no fingers) and missionary position sex (my choice). All was delivered with a smile, a mischievous glint in her eye and lots of genuine laughter. She is loads of fun - quite infectious.

No clock watching but I left bang of 30mins regretting i didn't go for an hour. After the cold welcome, we parted with a full on kiss and a promise to see each other again - which I meant.

£80 for 30mins - good value for a vanilla GFE delivered with lots of enthusiasm.

20 review(s) found for ##MIA## linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

One of the best I've ever fucked. You say she didn't clockwatch. She doesn't need to as she sets an alarm on her phone - which goes off towards the end of each session. Did you not hear that then?

Sorry - yes you are right there was an alarm but that didn't stop the action or feel like I was given a count down.

Offline mrhappypants

Scorpion, glad you enjoyed.  I saw her last year and really enjoyed it.  For a time she was only working one day a week and I wonder if she keeps her service and attitude fresh this way.  Her service list has shortened and I think this now makes her a little bit expensive but her attitude was very good when I saw her. 


Offline tazz

Shes a good fuck but only allows one cum in 30 minutes which i find pathetic when your paying for their time.

Offline Big Cat

Yeah 1 cum in 30 mins annoys me too, fortunately there are plenty of great girls who allow 2 (Natt, Nicole, Miley etc)
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Seen Mia and found from experience the more you see her the more intense each visit gets, personally I think she provides superb owo ( albeit no ball sucking).

just a quick update in lieu of a full review as I saw her recently - and worth pointing out that I had pretty much exactly the same experience as the OP - seems that she's been doing this a long time but shows no sign of being jaded.

Just a great great girl - looks a bit like Radha Mitchell. Infective smile, lovely manner, great fuck with lots of sloppy DFK and tongue sucking. Great hygiene throughout, and speaks very good English.

only variation from the OP was that she did take a finger, but I didn't rate her owo - rather toothy and a bit lugubrious. Minor quibble though - rate her highly and will see her again, even though she has nudged up her prices for the new year (£90 for the half hour and £140 for the hour)

Offline LL

I think the reason she's not jaded is because she always works part time at whoring and she has another job and another life. I've enjoyed seeing her a few times but I won't stretch to her new rates - my loss.

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