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Offline longballs

Type: Outcall
Location: North West but she`s based in London
Booking length: should have been 1h15m, more like 45mins
Fee: £150 (reverse booking)

NOTE: It`s quite some time since I saw Jessica so bear that in mind (I do however remember it vividly), but I'm putting this review up as there aren`t any for her and after 18months of inactivity she has started back up again ( this time in London rather than the North West where I saw her).   

Jessica had bid on a RB of mine offering well under her advertised rate and we agreed on an outcall for 1hr 15mins for £150.   She re-arranged once due to "modelling bookings" but when the day arrived she turned up on time (although I had to ask her to move her car as she parked in my neighbours parking bay!).

Clothes still on I was happy with what I saw, certainly several years older than the 22 y/o that she had advertised but she was a very pretty girl with huge breasts.   I invited her in and she went straight in to my lounge, sat down and started chatting away.  She`s very easy to talk to and comes across as a nice genuine girl who escorts part time.   However, I was keen to move things along and eventually had to say; right then, lets go to the bedroom.  She said she wanted to use the bathroom to change and this is where it got pretty awkward as she was in there getting ready for a good 10+ mins and I had to ask her if she was ok.   Anyway, she comes out wearing a red lace/mesh body lingerie and that's when I noticed she was quite a lot heavier than I had expected and with a bit of a gut too. 

Finally in to the bedroom we went (this is some 20+ mins in by now).  I really like DFK but she didn`t even offer light kissing.  Straight in to OWO which was ok, but not much enthusiasm on her part and she was using durex play lube.   A short time later, it was condom on and in to mish for a while before she suggested I fuck her tits.   This was actually the best part of the punt, she positioned herself on her back and lubed up her tits (they are fake but are very well done).  I straddled on top and pumped away until I popped a huge load over them.    Annoyingly she clearly didn't have any wet wipes on her and she stood up off the bed to grab one of my towels but let my load fall all over my carpet before wiping herself off with my towel!

From there she went in to the bathroom to clean up.  I had stayed on the bed and was ready for round two, we were probably 35-40 mins in to the 1h15m booking at this point with very little bedroom action.  Once again she was taking her time... another 10 mins elapsed and she re-emerged fully dressed, give me a peck on the cheek and left.   I was actually too shocked and pissed off to complain (I wouldn`t stand for that these days but I was pretty new to things back then).

Girl in pics, but old photos and closer to 28 and size 12-14 at the time I saw her.
Spent most of the time in the bathroom getting ready/cleaning up and short changed me on time
Shit punt.

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