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Author Topic: Anyone seen this Indian/Asian/Pak Sexy_Busty_Shaz ?  (Read 1395 times)

Offline spiderwebber

Sexy_Busty_Shaz no face pics but looks pretty sexy and has some tasty toes!
Anyone seen her?

Banning reason: Abusive arrogant fluffy

Offline Andyply

Many punters on here are looking for that elusive "good" Indian punt, most reviews of Indian ladies so far are terrible, complaining of many being lazy, unresponsive during punts and up themselves, her AW reviews are good, might be on many peoples HL. :thumbsup:

Offline spiderwebber

Here's another I'd like to see if anyone has any experience?
In my hot list.


Asian Salma
Banning reason: Abusive arrogant fluffy

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