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Author Topic: seems to good to be real  (Read 731 times)

Offline jammy

Has anyone had any meets or comms with this girl?
Her pics seem to good to be real considering she's not EE.
I'm  :angelgirl: she's real  :yahoo:
https://www.adultwork.com/3052984  https://www.adultwork.com/Jenna+WelshHos

Offline Mil 34

I rang her yesterday morning and she didn't sound very Welsh to me, so I didn't bother arranging a meet.
Cardiff and wales has been piss poor lately for punting, can't wait to work away again to get some quality

OMG!!!! what if she is real though, she is fooking stunning!!!  :scare:

That looks quality, nice find

I phoned her, she is not welsh... Romanian!

Her profile states she is the ultimate mature lady... at the grand old age of 29.  That set some alarm bells ringing, so not at all surprised to read that a phone call also raises suspicions.  A shame, as the pic looks great.

Offline dip007

Anyone seen her then yet? thinking of going to try her out.

Offline jammy

Dip if you do your taking one for the team. I llok forward to your review.

Offline dip007

Haha still debating mate, she don't live too far from me but we've established already she's a liar if she is actually Romanian as everyone is claiming her to be. Could be a fake pictures too, anyone seen her private gallery?

Offline HughJardon

That profiles set to distribute only, but it looked like the typical Load of bollox Roma shite.

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