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Author Topic: Romanian plagiarism.  (Read 952 times)

Offline sushi

Profile says ebony but shes white.
Says shes 6'1 but is listed as 5'9"
Says shes 20 but is verified as 28
You can tell exactly where she or her pimp have written at the start of the profile but 5 lines in it changes to describe an ebony prossie who thinks shes a courtesan.
Listed as Black hair, photos show a brunette but she says in her text shes a blonde.
What does all that tell you?
A pile of bullshit profile no feedback and a crap punt.
Anyone fancy TOFTF? :crazy:

Offline Chuckman

Any chance of a link to this one?

The girl in the picture don't look like a Size 12 to me either :lol:

Offline Chuckman


She has feedback but it's blocked. Typical Romanian all things considered.

Offline Min_g79

So these girls dont get many punts via Adultwork.... anyone else think these are the same girls walking the streets of Handsworth at night?

They most likely get away with some punts from viva street and backpage

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