Author Topic: A question on tattoos.  (Read 3347 times)

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Agreed, I cannot understand why attractive women with nice bodies want to disfigure themselves. Some of the gross examples make me want to vomit.

It's getting increasingly difficult to find tattoo-free punts.
+1 can't stand huge tattoos, just off putting and often ruins an otherwise cracking body or face.

          Not a big fan and i think a little goes a long way with tatts , just hate the full sleeve thing .
Just as well an American geek has invented a cream to remove them
Nothing worse than seeing an older woman on the beach with age sagging tattoos!

I'm not really a fan of tattoos either. Small and discreet tattoos I can live with, but if the WG isn't naked and you can see them, that's no good.

I think it's out of order when (I've seen at least one instance) a WG with visible tattoos has them Photoshopped out.