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Ok, so hot weather means no punting but an opportunity to share information that is hopefully useful from my back catalogue.

A few months ago I saw each of these girls about a month apart. I'll explain the caveat in a minute....but.....

Both are very attractive facially and have very good figures
Both are eager to please
Both speak pretty good English
Each engaged in OW, RO, penetration in several positions
Both were 30 min £60 visits in a good Stevenage hotel
Each went the full 30 mins with no rushing

Two good Romanian examples of looks, personality and service in my experience. If I had to pick one then it would be Blondy Ella, as facially I liked her more, but basically she bounced on my knob enthusiastically and energetically for ages (I was having a good day in self control), enjoyed me pounding away on top to a finish, and had the humour to comment glowingly on my stamina !

The caveat is that both times I booked Ella, but second time I got Ema. Didn't matter to me, as Ema was also on my hotlist, and I got a nice service.....but others might not agree. Therefore, if you have a preference I would ask direct to ensure which one you get. They usually tour to the same location, I assume they are both there and either in separate hotel rooms or the same one (I got no sense of someone else being in the room, but also didn't look hard as was focussing on the job in hand as it were.

They come to Stevenage semi regularly, are in Luton today, so hope this is useful for you. I would be happy to see either again, and definitely hope to repeat with Ella to check her energy levels again.....consider these two in the vfm category I would say, definitely a cut above the average (like others, I've had several experiences of odd mishapen munters, that really should be paying me, but I think most would leave happy and relaxed after visiting either of these).

3 review(s) found for blondy ella linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
2 review(s) found for sweet.ema linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for the reviews... I had spotted Ella previously but I am always extra cautious with Romanian WGs and tend to avoid those with no feedback!

So, Ella has now gone onto my HL - as soon as I have time and she is near.....  :hi:

Thanks for the review Hertsgent.

They've both also worked in London for a while. I passed them up for some reason.

i booked Ema recently and the girl looked like the profile pictures  note closed mouth and she had a lower jaw brace not the gallery photos at all , VERY slim , really  nice boobs and a pussy like a fucking vice despite initially struggling to take it once in there she rode me like seabiscuit soa mixed bag really but service wise absolutely couldnt be faulted i got what i hoped for and more.    If you set your expectations low you could be surprised by the result but there is obvious profile sharing / BS  going on

I notice Ella has changed her pictures, and isn't the girl I met, so agree to tread carefully on relating my review to potential profile swaps. Will try to post photo if the right one comes back to avoid confusion.....

I notice Ella has changed her pictures, and isn't the girl I met

I think it's the same WG, just in a different lighting and wearing less(?) makeup.