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Author Topic: Polish and Hungarian taking over from Romanians  (Read 640 times)

Not sure if I'm correct, but there seems to be more Polish & Hungarian girls appearing on the WG scene  ;)

Not that I'm complaining, most reviews for these girls seem POSITIVE  :D

Although I'm no great fan of the Romanians I have noticed a few good reports for a couple of these girls recently too (even put 2 on a possible HL) though I did promise to never use 1 again.

Polish girls reports seem far better generally and my HL has a number of these on it, and it would be rude not to add a couple of nice Hungarian girls.

Around the world in 80 Punts is now possible  :dance:
What's your favourite nationality either based on reviews or personal taste in girls?

I'm usually more Thai inclined due to my love of Massage, but for Full Service I don't yet have a favourite due to my low punt count. But based on reviews and attractive girls available, I do see Polish becoming very popular.

Seen both in the past and all were fine 'n dandy:)

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