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Big Blue appears to have all the inside info on this and the other ladies operating in that area so he'll possibly be along shortly ?



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What exactly would you like to know ?

Her AW profile looks very interesting and she seems to be able offer everything I'd be interesting in. Just want to know if you've seen her what service she provided, appearance, venue etc


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Well i think eveyrthing youve asked about there is covered on the profile

Since the profile went up shes been very busy on the days that she works but like the rest of the girls there she only works at certain times on certain days of the week.

Most people think The Cottage is a good discreet private venue in an excellent location with easy parking in an upmarket village just one minute from the motorway network.

It has a well eqpt cellar dungeon if that sort of thing floats your boat and the ladies there have access to literally hundreds of outfits etc

And it is owned and run by the one and only Lady L who doesnt really work much anymore which is how i know several of the ladies as i am her former BF, Sub and partner in crime so no i have not seen Paige or any of the others on a Professional basis.

The lack of feedback on AW is entirely down to the fact that as she displays her number on her profile 7 days a week very few of her bookings will come thru the AW booking system and therefore generate any feedback reports or reveiws.

None of the ladies currently has any real negative feedback at all and what there is mostly was left by a nutcase who has now been removed and blocked from creating any further profiles on AW and a little bit of confusion from two of them sometimes working on each others profile a few months back.

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Having read all that ^^

I've decided paige needs a podging

She's on the list

Thanks Big Blue,
Sounds like a green light.