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Author Topic: Adultwork issue on 3 Mobile  (Read 1721 times)

Anyone else on 3 and having issues with adultwork?
All I get is this
Network Error (gateway_error)

An error occurred attempting to communicate with an HTTP or SOCKS gateway.
The gateway may be temporarily unavailable, or there could be a network problem.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

Been working fine up until a couple of days ago, don't really want to ask three just yet for obvious reasons  :blush:

Will send an email to AW later but thought I would see if it's just me.

Offline AnthG

I have Three and this morning I was getting a no network message for my 3G. First time I have ever had this so it may be a network issue today.

However with regards to Adultwork, three block all adult websites included AW so you need to phone them up and give them your credit card details to prove you are over 18.

There are probably other ways to prove you are over 18 but this is the easiest. but if you have accessed AW before by 3 then it will not be this.

I have been able to access AW for over a year now no problems, and can still view other adult websites, I have sent an email to AW to see if they know anything about this.
If they do I will report back in case anyone else has the problem.

Seems to be randomly sorted now, AW did respond but only to say they didn't know anything about it.  :unknown:

Offline chris0071

I think it may be your internet service.  Sometimes I try to go into a girl on Adultwork's room and it won't connect

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