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Author Topic: Chinese Massage High Wycombe  (Read 3383 times)

Offline paulj


 Has anyone visited the Chinese Massage place in High Wycombe?  If so what is it like and is anything other than massage on offer?

Thanks Paul

Offline galileo

Why not pay a visit and let us know?

Offline paulj

Thanks for your useful reply Galileo.

I will visit soon and will post a review as I always do. Just wanted to know what the score was before the visit!


Offline jonbon

Any updates on this? Been looking for a massage parlour in wycombe which do erotic.. cant find one anywhere!

Offline paulj

The answer is yes!

I had an hors massage for £40 and HE for a further £20


Offline wazzer

Thanks for your useful reply Galileo.

I will visit soon and will post a review as I always do. Just wanted to know what the score was before the visit!

So what happened to the review.
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Offline redheadj

Is this the Oriental Massage Parlour on Easton Street?

If so, what services do they offer?

New to area and never done something like this before, so looking for first time but don't want to say something wrong on my first time :D

I visited this place on Easton Street this week. I called first and asked if I could come in at 2pm and they said that was fine. Having never done this before I was quite nervous!

I arrived and was greeted by a short slim lady in massage overalls, she asked how long i wanted so I said an hour which was £40, she showed me to the room and indicated for me to undress and lay face down and she would come back. It still wasn't clear what sort of place this was, but I decided to strip completely naked and see. When she came back in my face was buried in the table, but she closed the door and I could hear she took her overalls off and hung them up.

She didn't cover me with a towel so I started thinking there was a good chance of being offered extras. I would say she spent just over half an hour covering my back, shoulders, back of legs and my ass. Being my first professional massage I cant comment on the quality, but it felt good to me. When she finished she asked me to turn over, this was the first time I got to see that she was now wearing a skin tight dress that barely covered her ass.

As I moved to lay on my back with my semi now showing she asked, in slightly difficult to understand english, if I wanted extras. I said yes, and she asked me what I wanted, I asked what she offered and she said what sounded like body to body with hand relief, in my nervous excitement I said yes straight away, how much, and she said £40. I gave her the money and she stripped off completely, showing a really hot body, great ass and perfect tits with fantastic nipples.

Now I was expecting her to be oiled up rubbing over me, but she basically was just giving me a hand job whilst letting me suck her tits and finger her. I take a long time to cum, and after about 5-10 minutes and mentioning this to her she said I had about 10 minutes to cum! She also offered to play with my ass, which I accepted so she put on a rubber glove and carried on like a trooper!

Afterwards I was able to have a shower and clean up. I will return, hopefully with less nerves next time and see what other extras may be available!

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