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Tuesday 30th June

Time Spent  30 Mins

Price £65

After reading the positive review of Ling I decided to pay her a visit. I phoned Cosmopolitan to ask who they had working. I was told "Cassie a blonde, Tegan also bonde, Larissa our sexy Spanish lady and Ling our Chinese lady"

I took a train over to Manchester was greeted by the receptionist who introduced 2 of the ladies I said "I'm here to see Ling"

Ling isn't working today she said... I explained about the telephone conversation and she said "It was probably the cleaner who answered the phone sorry about that" I established that Ling works Friday and Sunday days and Monday evening but as I'd made the journey I decided to stay and meet the third lady Tegan.

The receptionist was friendly I was able to chat with the two girls, Larissa isn't Spanish she's eastern European. Tegan came into reception to say her client wanted to have another half hour with her. She's a blonde in her early 20.s size 10 with a good figure so I decided to wait and see her.

I was expecting to pay £35 or £40 and was told by the receptionist "It's £40 for half an hour in a small room and £45 in a large room" I chose the large room and asked to shower first. I paid the receptionist £45. The shower worked fine (just to let the OP re Ling know!)
Tegan came in undressed sat on the bed and proceeded to reel off a menu

owo £10 extra
RO £10 extra
Kissing £10 extra and so on
I went for owo and ro and asked about the kissing she said you can do that as you've paid for owo & RO !

Her owo was quite nice she almost went deep throat her kissing was "unique" :D she just opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish!
I stroked her pussy she'd used about half a tube of KY before coming into the room which put me off the RO a bit.
More OWO from her and some vigorous hand work I had to tell her twice to slow down or I'd come which I suspect was her intention.
When she didn't have my cock in her mouth she was complaining about having to work instead of being out in the sun. Talk about being made to feel welcome!!!
On with the condom more KY (she must be on a commission from the company that makes it) and into missionary.
Plenty of fake moans very little movement or involvement from her and she kept her shoes on and at one point they were digging into my legs..she did have the grace to apologise.

I came she got some tissue from a roll dispenser pulled the condom off and damn near pulled mu cock off with it..more apologies!

A mediocre punt at best she didn't really want to be there would have rather been sunbathing.
Lacked enthusiasm not a great kisser needs to remove her shoes before she hurts somebody...what a fucking claim that would make!!!
I'm not sure how much of the £45 I paid to the receptionist ended up in Tegan's pocket but I was a bit taken aback by the extras menu!

Nice looking lass but that's about it. Nice place what I could see of it it's very poorly lit, Lovely receptionist (pity she wasn't working she was much more to my taste she had a good personality) £65 ??? I've had better service for less but maybe that's Manchester prices. I will go back to see Ling based on the review I read.

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Hi munterhunter

Thanks for the review, added to the wiki.

Tegan must be a new girl, and one I would avoid based on your review, if she lasts that long.


I was in Cosmo yesterday when I saw entirely different and delightful contrast to Tegan!
I spoke with Vanessa and she said "I did try to warn you before you went in the room I'd already had a couple of complaints from regulars
about her.
And you're you're right it's doubtful she will be back.

In a place like Cosmo with the girls they have someone like Tegan is going to stand out for the wrong reasons and be shown the door.

All part of the punting learning curve I guess. I showed Vanessa my review on Tegan and she was horrified and very apologetic (though it wasn't her fault)

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I showed Vanessa my review on Tegan

Hi m

Did you show Vanessa the bit of your review where you said "Lovely receptionist"? Flattery will get you everywhere!

At least you took one for the team, so thanks once again.