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I met both ladies once a few weeks ago in Brent and they vanished. I have found them again in Hammersmith and decided to see only Giulia the second time. On the first occasion I made an appointment with Sonia, and Giulia was there also so I asked for a duo and this was readily agreed.

On arrival to meet only Giulia this time, there were other ladies present, (in the kitchen and corridor). I recognised the very slim one of them from:
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There was another who could have beem Ayda or Maria but I am unsure. Later in a brief conversation Giulia said that there were 5 ladies working at the house, a small clean Victorian terrace in a quiet residential street between Shpherd’s Bush and Acton. Meter parking in the next little street.

So the duo was fun, both ladies are slim and small, about 5 foot tall. Giulia’s breasts were a little flabby but rose to the occasion once sucked. Both of them being slim their flesh was firm and comfortable. Both had no hangups about being close to me and kissing. The concentrated on me and not on each other.

I snogged them both one after the other standing up and whichever it was stood close up behind me and played with mister happy through my legs, rubbing him up and down the other one. My knees gave way so onto the bed, I was the jam in their sandwich until I heaved first one and then the other over my face for a good licking while the other sucked my lollipop.

Then Giulia sat on me cowgirl as long as I could control myself while Sonia snogged me. Then woof woof and I dogged Sonia while Giulia snogged me. That is the short version, we filled the hour. I filled Sonia.

This was repeated on a smaller scale just with Giulia, but instead of sitting on my face we did 69. Before that she lay on top of me and kissed and caressed me while I returned the compliments and brought her to a long sigh and weakness form sucking her nipples. No hurry. Then she rode me cowgirl and I finished off in mish. It was ths sheer sustained sensuality with no let up which did it for me.

£160 for the duo and £80 for the solo, I suppose it was about a month between the two meets.

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