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Author Topic: Leeds gangbang  (Read 6847 times)

Hi I wanna organise a gangbang in Leeds in around 3 weeks time anyone interested?

Offline stevedave

Never been to one, not really my kinda thing but I'm morbidly curious to find out what a gangbang or similar would be like.

Got any ladies lined up? 3 weeks doesn't strike me as very long to arrange it...

Na not yet just wanted to see if anyone was up for one

I've never been to one so would be interested to give it a go so long as it wasn't just a load of guys standing around wanking over a fat chick

I'd be up for it, have been to one once before that was MMMMMMFF though i think one of the guys just watched - Naughty Slut Soph from and Welsh Brunette.

Which girl/s have you got in mind?

Offline jackd199

Count me in if its the right lady i'll go  :D

Offline normal_guy

If the lady is suitable (which in my book means slim, aged 18-25, white british, with a good range of services) and a discreet place is arranged, then I'll be there.

I will look into this over the weekend guys, how much would u all pay? I guess it depends on the girl really I'd like 2 girls ?

Offline jackd199

2 girls would be great and like you said it depends on the girl if she's mega hot then i would be prepared to pay a bit more  :P

If anyone has any ideas of girls and places to do it let me know :)

Offline jackd199

This girl looks hot and she has been on my to do list for a while, she has gangbang ticket in her likes ?
Tell me what you think ?


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I think 2 girls would be good...depends how many men to friend in costs. I'd pay 60?

I'd definitely be interested in attending. Is this still going or is it not happening now?

I'd like it too but can't seem to get any replays , if anyone knows a girl who might be interested let me know :)

Didn't Lexi Ryder do groups or there's another in Leeds called Jo I think...English brunette

Offline stevedave

https://www.adultwork.com/2567303 or https://www.adultwork.com/DIRTYBUSTYKATIEX

She might be up for it. She has the "gang bang" box ticked on AW, if that counts for anything.

I can vouch for the quality of her OWO too  :cool:

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Offline normal_guy

Where would this take place? If there's gonna be 6/8/whatever people then that's too many for a hotel room. Doubt they'd want that many at their incall place. Which I guess leaves someone's house.... in which case the neighbours see there's a party going on and appear.... eeek. Office/warehouse?

How would costs/deposits work?

Also, do PM's work on this site, please?

Not sure as what place to use, if anyone has any ideas please let me know

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