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Was decided to have a quick local punt the other day and as is the case up here most weren't answering phones or responding to emails.  So I decided to go in blind (last minute horny punt) to northern belle in Ashington.
Should have realised but the old boy was ruling my thoughts at the time.

She's a nice enough girl who is obviously just after a bit of extra cash but bloody hell, she could put a bit of effort in.
Not the best looking girl, teeth were not great, about 5'5", bordering on being fat. Small tits for a lass of her weight. The flat was a mess and smelled a little.
I though well, I'm here might as well get a bit but the old boy wasn't playing so ended up tossing off in her gob.
Save you money guys and think before you book.

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Links not working was it northern bella?

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Thanks for the info one to avoid

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I messaged her recently and she said she doesnt do cim

Was still gonna book but i found this review UKP saves the day
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