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£130 for one hour (incall)

This is my first review, so bare with me.

Saw Stacey today in a hotel in Warwick. Been there before, decent enough.
Negative might be a bit harsh as nothing really bad happened.
It was just her attitude that sucked. She looked completely bored the whole time I was with her, no enthusiasm whatsoever.
After I handed over the cash, she just sat on the bed looking bored and staring into the distance. I sat down next to her expecting some sort of reaction, maybe a bit of touching/kissing, but no, just more looking bored.
She eventually took her clothes of, revealing a nice ish body, maybe 7/10. Her face is more of a 5/10
I get the feeling that if I hadn't said anything, she would have just sat there for the whole hour and not touched me at all, it was that bad.
Ok, we did have sex in a few positions, but it was like fucking a robot (probably).
She does have a nice pussy though, I licked/fingered her for a few minutes, that was the highlight for me.
I made my excuses and left after 40 minutes, there didn't seem much point sticking around.

Stacey has 100% positive feedback on Adultwork, which I find very strange. I suppose it's possible I caught her on a bad day.
She was suffering from hay fever, which I know is not nice, but it doesn't explain her attitude.

Would I recommend, ............NO!

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