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Ok as I have a thing for Polish Girls and the hot weather making the girls in the street give me a boner I decided on a quick punt.

Called Jessica, English is good . She gave me a postcode and told me to ring when I get to the street after we agreed a time.
She is as per pics and was wearing the blue dress in the photo. Have to say she's more a size 12 not 10 but boobs are great as per pics. Facially ok but she's very friendly and easy to get on with.

15 mins 40 quid you get you get OWO and sex with French kissing.
Her oral technique is very slow but teasing and does the job. Sex was good slow but at my pace . She allowed me to cum on her face but below eye line. Fine by me as I drooled all over her mouth but she won't open her mouth so no CIM if that's what you want.
Overall very friendly, slightly more fuller than pics suggest but worth a pop. Place is a 1 bed apartment clean and tidy at the end of a residential street very quiet during the day. Asked her some questions and it seems a different girl every month there.

Any questions just ask and I'll try to inform  :hi:

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