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Hi all,

Not a prolific poster however thought I would share my day with you today ...

The beautiful sunshine was making me feel horny so onto AW I jumped. Having looked through the options available I decided upon "SexyKinkyAngel" ....

I tried to do some background research and came up with nothing. Always happy to be a pioneer, I decided to commit to 30 minutes and be prepared to bail if required ...

Well, good communication, foreign however not a problem ... good English. Given directions to a well known apartment block just off West Street.

Upon arrival was met by someone who was clearly not the girl in the photo's. To be fair, she was still attractive albeit slightly larger build than the photos ..... I decided for 30 minutes  ... it would be fine. I then went to shower (lovely bathroom  :) ). Upon my return to the room, I was about to sort out the finances when I heard a commotion outside the room and a women shouting ... Angel opened the door and I saw another lady and a black guy scuffling in the hallway ... the man was carrying a handbag and the girl was pulling it back. Angel ran towards them and joined in eventually pulling the bag back and the man ran off.

What had happened?  :unknown:

It appears as if the other girl : Nicolette  - shared the apartment with Angel. She had let a white guy in and shown him to her room. She then left the guy as she went to the bathroom. The white guy has left the room, opened the front door and left at the same time letting the black guy in. He has gone to the living room and gone through the girls bags. It appears he took Angels purse and tried to take the other bag.

What did I do  :scare:   Well, when the action was all kicking off, I am ashamed to say that the fact I only had a towel around me and the action was in the doorway ... I preserved my modesty and watched  :unknown:   Once things had calmed down, I decided watching a theft was not the preferred foreplay and I completely lost the mood. I made my apologies, dressed and left ... nothing lost ..

I know we sometimes take for granted the world in which we roll however it was an insight into the risks the girls face on a daily basis .... I'm not sure what lessons can be learnt from this ... I am sure some of you will have comments.

Finally .... would I re-book with either lady .... No on both counts. Sensual Nicolette is significantly less attractive than the photos (tired ...) and Angel is definitely a different girl ..... Can't comment on services  :)

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Looks as if the diversion definitely helped you keep your money in your pocket there!

I wonder if this is the same place I saw .Tiffany. (see post below)? That was actually on West Street and had a curtain to replace the door in the very first room on the left.

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Hi Brit

It was actually just up one of the side streets near Boots ......

Yes ... in the big scheme of things .... probably did me a favour ..... but not really the point of my post ... :D


Close shave . . . .

Glad you got out in one piece.  This could have turned nasty

Something to post up on that SAAFE (sp?)forum

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There's always a bit of a risk to this game. There's influence from drugs and other 'nasty' elements - I've seen the evidence of drug use in a WG and walked away (their excuse for using substances is to be able to 'cope' with the demands of an unusual job...same as strippers....BS because it's a job they choose! Stacking shelves at Tescos is still legal).

I'd say by far the WORST possible outcome would be if you somehow (and without warning) found yourself in the middle of a violent/dangerous scene which had nothing to do with you, and you had absolutely no way of protecting/defending yourself.

Glad to hear you've come off it unscathed. Cheers for sharing  :drinks: