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Author Topic: What's up with WG's in Sunderland?  (Read 3367 times)

Offline daviemac

Hi gents I'm new here but I have to say I've been around the scene a good while. I can confirm Storm did retire. Long time ago. I was one of her regulars all the way to the end. She was great. She was genuine. The seductive dolly thing is all Logan Montoya. Storm was a true genuine girl. She was so sexy and warm. I ended up doing overnights with her. The seductive dolly profile though is one not to be touched.

You do know this thread's 8 months old and seductive dolly's no longer active through that link or a search on AW don't you    :unknown: :unknown:

Pleased you had a good time but reports on retired prossies isn't really very helpful to anyone.

If you know that seductive dolly's working under another name that would be of help.   :hi:

Offline happyian88

I have noticed that dolly is working again but in Glasgow so shes meant to be out of the picture. Have a look around Glasgow. She shouldnt be too hard to spot on a profile pic.
Banning reason: White-knight

Offline Sar-Major

Actually that seductive dolly looks hot to trot, anybody had any experience of her or are the photos fake, I think I could even break my price rule for her

Profiles now gone...So maybe it was Logan and another scam

 :hi: :hi:

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