Author Topic: NaughtyNorthernEscorts (NNE) Gateshead flat raided??  (Read 1955 times)


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Have a look at NNE's website. All the Gateshead incalls have gone. Did they get raided?  :(

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maybe just a lack of punters, and these flats can't come cheap to use, ashington went before for some reason,or maybe concentrating or business a bit further south. can't see why it would be a raid.

I would have thought it would have been all over this site or others if the coppers had raided it, hope the only reason its not being used is the lack of punters,

the thought of getting caught with my pants around my ankles by the local rozzers  definitely keeps the old man soft
 :scare: :scare:

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Well its a while ago now, but I had heard that the Gateshead flat WASN'T all that easy to find  :scare: :scare:

So if that's the case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it wasn't getting used all the at much, and making a loss.  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:

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Directions given were spot on. Only one lass in at a time so I think it probably wasn't financially viable for this specific flat

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Can't believe it's about being difficult to find, more likely lack of punters I reckon. I almost always managed to get booked at short notice but there were only a few NNE girls who used the place.
Big shame if NNE don't offer anything north of the Tyne.