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Has anyone seen miss eve from basingstoke on adultwork ? Does another recommend her ?

Offline gheeme

Last month. Been meaning to write a review. She's very hot and also a great punt. Very similar to Aimee225 in her skills

Offline a10

Yeah I have, a few times.  :angelgirl: If you can stomach the higher than average price, she's a good punt. Excellent bj and a good attitude. Bit chatty, so be prepared to initiate things when you're ready for action.

FYI, when asking about WGs in the future it's always best to put the last digits from the profile on AW into the search bar on UKP. So if you take for instance, put "1763642" into the search and it'll bring up posts that mention her profile. Including my review of her.

Hope this helps and happy punting!  :drinks:

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Offline Huawei

I like this from her profile:
Q. Babez can I c u?   A. When emailing me or texting me please can you write in a coherent manor.
Apparently her first language is English... :rolleyes:

Offline Stiltskin

£140 for half an hour! She must be really special.

Offline SJ772

Seen her a couple of times, only disappointing thing in terms of services is she won't take a facial, but does allow CIM and swallows the lot.  Reminds me that I really need to go see her again soon.