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Author Topic: Jessica - Russian  (Read 2181 times)

20 review(s) for Jess-see-ah (14 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by ]

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Great comms
Parking across the road from apartment
Porn playing on a TV in the room but she looks like porn :)
Figure as in pics and natural boobs - someone asked earlier
Stood kissing for ages and end up fucking her from behind standing against the cupboard and wall.
Absolutely loves sex (went hammer and tongs) and lets you try all sorts of positions on bed and chair .
69 session after round one finished.
She clearly enjoys sex as a lot of effort to get second round going. Some more serious fucking but I wasnt going to cum so she gave me a massage.

20 review(s) found for Jess-see-ah linked to in above post (14 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

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oops, should have created in South East

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oops, should have created in South East
Click the "Report to Admin" link, bottom right of the review - and request admin to relocate it  :hi:

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Fuck - she looks hot.  Just that all the pics seem to have a shopped look about them ?
But looking at your reviews to date them your latest reporting seems pukka - as a spread of + / - / neutral etc
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Have seen her. Does not look as svelt supple nubile slim young as those pics myself.

Nice enough, and probably worth a punt for hundred.but suspect service won't be great for that cash. She works/worked with a few others usually bouncing between Maidstone and Gatwick area.