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Just noticed she has moved from London but here's a review anyway

Services: OW, Sex with condom

Price:  £60 for 30 min

Comms: Text, good

Appearance: -Photos accurate - pretty face good body

Positives: She's hot but not as fit as her friend gorgeous allma

Negatives:  Worst punt I've ever had, 3 mins OW-during which she worked hard trying to make me come early. 5-7 mins sex then she refused to continue.  Even refused a hand job or blow job to finish me off

Return: No

4 review(s) found for Adellleee10 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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Sorry to hear about the crappy experience, typical Pimped Romanian - She looks too good to be a Sex Worker in that price range (even if she is Romanian)....given that, the poor performance makes sense.
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Negatives:  Worst punt I've ever had.

What did you expect --------------- she is Romanian.       :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

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Wasn't expecting much. I expected to fuck a crappy but hot Sex Worker, but didn't even really get to fuck.  I seen a few romanians just for a quick pump and dump but she was so bad I wanted to post a warning.  She really took the piss, tried to tell me I arrived 10 mins before I did and refused to refund some money