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Hi folks,

I've been searching for a massage with HE in and around rayners lane to Borehamwood. I spoke to the lass below, she gives HE only, no touching. Has anyone tried her, please let know of your experience.

Grateful if others can share massage plus HE in Watford, borehamwood and Harrow type places that you know of. I prefer to go to a masseuses flat than a parlour as there is less chance of it getting raided while my cock is in her hands.

Offline samba

Well sinice no one has tried her then I'll TOFTT but I'm out of the UK for about 3 weeks and return on my birthday... birthday treat. For those who are interested I'll post a review.

Offline samba

Decent massage with HE all included I  the price...good vfm.

What is the best site to search for massage parlour london?