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Who: or
Where: Block of flats near Highbury Barn
How Much: £45 for 15 minutes
Services: OWO, fingering
Would I return: No

Terrible punt. I suppose I should have expected it because Jade does, in fairness, stress on her page that she is size 18+ but I guess I underestimated how big that is. What I couldn't abide though is the area around her vag looks like your feet do if you wear black canvas shoes without socks on. Unfortunately I was too far gone to turn around as soon as I saw her. Her free gallery pics made me believe she at least had a pretty face, I may have been horribly naive. OWO was lacklustre, barely even the tip so I wanked myself over her tits and left.

I must hold my hands up, this is my fault. I need some kind of sponsor who I can call if I've got the urge on a Friday and start scraping the barrel just to find someone to come in/on. This is the second time I've ended up having a shit punt with a +size British girl and it must never happen again.

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On a positive note; At least your only down £45, live and learn! no fatties unless they're photographed explicitly.

Exactly. £45 isn't the end of the world and I consider it a valuable learning experience. No more emergency fatties.