Author Topic: anyone know what happened to Zara ex SS  (Read 737 times)

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Fellow punters,
I am heading up north this week and was looking to fill a little spate time. Last time I was up this way I was fortunate to have a session with the most ravishing Zara who had gone indie.

I had tried many times to see her at SS but she was always booked up.

So wanting to repeat what was probably the best punt I have had in the 10 years of my punting career, but cant find her anywhere and no response from the tel number that I had for her.
failing that, she did mention her sister was also in the game

Offline OakTree

I saw sexyrebecca/Liberty
last week and she said she would be working with her.

That if it's the same Zara

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I think she posted on a NW based forum that she would be back working soon

Cheers fellas

Sort of good news

Will have to find someone else until she makes herself available

never tried ladybirds in Northenden - any good?