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Online manfox

Took a gamble on this one and most certainly TOFTT!

Kimberley XXXXXX

1hr incall - £100 fully inclusive no extras

Location: main road between Bury/Whitefield

Looks: quite glamorous, tall 5 9', fantastic tits, good legs, bit of a tummy but not much. Face 7.5

Services: CIM and A-levels

Comms: satisfactory

Profile pics: seem genuine and a fair reflection of her.

General: nice girl but I'm sure she was either pissed or on something which she denied. Couldn't find her condoms so she asked if I would mind nipping out to get some (shop 2 mins away). I thought shit I'm gonna get screwed over here but agreed and I was right to and got let back in and all was well.

2 pops in the hour, services delivered with enthusiasm but I don't think I'll see again.

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Randy James

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whats bit of a tummy? stretch marks or tubby tummy


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Ummm a bit moody if you ask me!

Online manfox

No stretch marks, just tubby. Not enough to put me off and I'm pretty fussy normally


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Are those tits real or plastic.

Online manfox

Said they where real and quite possibly could be! Looked for scars and couldn't see any.

Very good either way.

Offline DanDingle

Her tits do look great.

When you say she seemed pissed or on something, what sort of characteristics did she exhibit - slurring her words, eyes like saucers, agitated etc... just wondering what it may be and if shes worth the risk?

Also would you go back?

Online manfox

I'm not going into detail but a few examples:

Repeating asking the same question that I'd answered 5 times already within a very short space of time. Words a little slurry and just her general demeanour was like she just wasn't 'with it'

No I don't think I would return.


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I have not had a good experience with her I'm afraid......she gave me negative feedback stating 'time waster' she cancelled twice whilst I was already on my way from Liverpool then I cancelled the third occasion three days before the meet she never replied when I asked to reschedule, pot kettle black lol.......personally I think she's a bit like Bella, away with the fairies lol


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