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Offline Tango

Time spent: 30 mins
Cost: £50
Extras: OWO £10

Crystal is a cute blue eyed blonde lady with a really, really sexy petite  body, awesome ass and tits. Her chebs are enhanced but its a good set that suit her.

Crystal is fun, I didn't get an instant rapport connection like I had with Abbie but by the end of the session I would say from my perspective that I got on with her very well. Started out slow and GFE was given, kissing was not full on snogging but enough to inspire a rise to attention, her body is immaculate and she is really cute. OWO was excellent, she has a great tongue and my dick just seemed to get harder and harder for her... Crystal jumped on for ride and I just found her more and more attractive so I had to bend her over... Her cute little pussy was a great fit but after a bit she pulled away and took the condom off to give me more OWO.... I contemplated for a second to let her have my money shot there and then and splaff my junk onto her tits but I 'smoothly' said to her "Sometimes its difficult to finish having sex within 30 minutes but I think I can do it with you" she replied "don't pressure yourself" and got another condom.

I was really horny for her by this point and I was fitting in her like the correct jigsaw piece, needless to say, I emptied my load into the condom within a few minutes of vigour.

I chilled with her chatting on the bed for a few mins while catchin my breath and seemed to click with her really well.

Crystal didn't seemed to get too intimate with the snogging, got some light French kissing action but nothing of heavy petting nature, I would have really enjoyed that with her too, its always the ones you really want to snog! That was really the only negative here though, everything else was great, she is skilled, fit and good company.

I would recommend and I'm sure I'll go back for more, hopefully get a full on snog out of her which would really round the rest of her service off to top marks.