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Thanks to SamLP's great review, I decided to go and check out this MILF.

There is not a lot I can add to what has been written but I had a great time, so here goes...

Okay, let's get the negatives out the way. Definitely not 37, somewhere in her 40's is my guess. Her mouth didn't taste very fresh, which is a bit of a turn off.

That being said...

Very positive/willing. Very dirty, pretty much anything goes!

Once we'd taken care of payment, she got right to it. Started making out like she really wanted it. After a while she moved us onto the bed where and started giving head. Great oral skills! Very wet, spitting, deep, ball licking etc. I started fingering her which she seemed to really enjoy. Once I was ready she got the condom on, I mentioned anal, she smiled and gave me a enthusiastic yes. Not something I've had a lot of experience with, but was good fun.

When the round was complete, she offered me a massage, which consisted of a few minutes rubbing my back, before she moved south and started playing with me, playful CC swipes, teasing the area generally etc. What a great way to get me in the mood for round 2. I turned over when I was ready and she started giving me some great head again. This time she moved all the way down until she was full on rimming. Although I really enjoyed it, that was the end of kissing for me. I don't particularly want to get worms (although, I suspect, if that's a standard service, I might already be buggered). Anyway, when I was ready, on went the condom again and I took her from behind, pussy this time. After a while I flipped her over and went for mish. I went at it for a little bit but it was 11pm at the end of a long day and my little fella decided he'd had enough and went limp, so I pulled out and started wanking myself (she wanted to blow me again, but I was quite happy finishing myself off) so she lay back, with her mouth at the end of my fella, used her right hand to play with herself and her left hand to play with my undercarriage. Didn't take me long to wake him up and finish in her mouth, which she seemed to enjoy.

Bottom line, don't go expecting a young model but go go go if you want a no holes barred hour of pure filth, from a girl who'll convince you that she wants it more than you.

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Hi mate nice review? did she charge any extra, all this included in the hour

Everything was included in the £80. Great VFM

Offline Kolo

Great review mate. Added to HL. What's the location like? Discreet enough?

Yes, block of flats on a quiet road.

Offline SamLP

Very similar to my experience. Glad you enjoyed  :thumbsup: