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Author Topic: Weird things WGs say that make you nervous during a punt  (Read 2155 times)

Anyone else ever noticed that sometimes WGs say things that are really unsettling during a punt? Or is it just me? True or bullshit, I wonder sometimes WHY they feel the need to share/invent this stuff - presumably some 'you seem nice but just in case you were thinking of fucking me over, don't' type defence-mechanism? To name three I've had, all in retrospect kind of unsettled me (even though possibly/probably all bullshit) but why even say it and thus lessen the mood of the punter:

a) (During a FFM hotel punt) 'We've had some eastern europeans banging on the door earlier, they're pissed off that I'm moving in on their patch'

b) 'My son usually lives here but he's in prison now for beating the shit out of the neighbour ... who still lives there ... we're basically at war'

c) 'My boyfriend and I had a fight recently ... he's in a right fucking temper over it' (during a previous punt she'd told me this bf was a known local nutter)

Offline maxxblue

My real name is Lorena Bobbitt...  ;)

It doesn't make me nervous but i hate it - when prossie tells me things about her other clients. I don't want to be rude but next time i will tell her to shut up (in diplomatic way) and i will tell her what i do with other girls.

Yeah I saw one WG a few times who did little except talk about other clients. She was very talkative but I got the feeling she had little going on in life other than her work so, made sense I guess. Still annoying ...

Offline fredpunter

Now I've got you nicely tied up, I'll just POP and get my ice pick

Offline Chuckman

Have you ever seen the movie Teeth? It so true to life.

Offline Diehard

When she says after I've fucked her....' Eight years ago I had syphilis but the doc says its dormant...'  :scare:

Offline pecanpie

"Shall we get your cock out first, or mine?"

Offline punk

About 4 year back a polish prossie in barnet,told me that when she was 16 her then boyfriend had given her crabs  :D

Offline PLeisure

About 4 year back a polish prossie in barnet,told me that when she was 16 her then boyfriend had given her crabs  :D
Class act  :drinks:

Offline tazz

Had one prossie who was dressed as a school girl tell me whilst i was fucking her that a teacher tried to have sex with her in an empty classroom but was disturbed by someone. Thats not what i wanted to hear given my hatred of paedophiles.

Also had one student ask me to go gentle on her.

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