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Very little info on ISG and what there is, is rather dated and less than enthusiastic.

Anyone got any recent intel?  Probably going out there for a day/ night at the end of July.

Thanks in advance



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Try searching "Rotterdam privehuis"
Just came back from there, take this as words from the trench XD

Two ways to get laid in Rotterdam, either privehus or online escort, later one is more expensive and almost par on possible selections.
I've walked through all privehuis I've got info of:
1. Royalrooms : nice selection of 10+ girls when i arrived (2pm-ish) mostly Eastern Europeans (Romania)
I had Alina for short (40min), quite a smoker that girl. slim but skillful. apart from those stupid dutch stairs, rooms are alright.
2. fantasyclub : operated by three to four Russian mid-age (35-40+). Busty for sure (70KG+). It's an apartment on ground floor, when you get to the address look for door bell and it says fantasy club on it!
3. Karin's Home : right across the uni. open at 11 in morning. also around 10+ girls (arrived at 4pm) didn't had my punt here (they have chocolate skin girls)
4. Hotel California : didn't went there during opening hours, heard that it's hotel for selling girls to rent.
5. (across the river) Desiree Privé : also went there bit too early that day. No reviews
6. (also south side of river) Privéhuis Lust : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Spent 2 hours there with great experience. Cum as many times as you wish. BJ HandJob and anal all up to your preference :D
Had a taste of Sharon, red hair chubby dutch. Perfect service  :yahoo:

Hope this helps you :D

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If I wanted more info on a Dutch city like Rotterdam, I'd go to Dutch forums like and use google translate.

Rotterdam has quite a nice indie picks as well. I would reccomend the following in order of preference.

Chich dutch MILF:

Nice indonesian lady (kind of short though):

Wonderful romainan MILF:

I also agree with the previous poster about the prive huis. Additionaly, there is Prive huis Diane in Den Haag, which is fabulous.