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This punt was good evidence of the benefits of quite a lot of research and planning, including of course this forum. I made quite an effort before booking Lexie to find the best Sex Worker in the Perth area, a rather small field it has to be said, however,Lexie was the stand out candidate in the end and I was lucky enough book her.
Lexie and I exchanged quite a few emails in the run up to the booking and from the efficiency, legibility and pertinence of these I could tell that she was both intelligent and reliable.

Off on a bit of a tangent here but worth mentioning is the blight of emailing Sex Workers who don't respond in a conversational way, ie they reply to your emails almost as if they hadn't read them and fail to address any questions or concerns raised. This was the case with several of Lexie's "competitors" during my research, and needless to say they were rejected pretty rapidly when compared with Lexie's excellent communications.

Anyway, after some discussion about convenient times I booked Lexie and am very glad that I did.

Lexie arrived and after a few texts to sort out the location and parking I met her outside. Once in the room I was able to see that Lexie is as her description and as such is a very attractive blonde Scots girl, quite small but beautifully shaped with a happy smiling face and relaxed demeanour. Over a glass of wine Lexie was keen for me to direct as to exactly what I wanted from her, I showed her the pillow I'd placed on the floor for her to kneel on and the chair for her to get into , both providing a great view in the large bedroom mirror !! She was amused and enthusiastic about my ideas / preparation and was quickly and uninvitedly getting her kit off.

Lexie revealed a stunning little body built for sex, nicely soft and rounded but slim, with small but weighty tits, a few nice tattoes and a lovely recently shaven soft pussy.

I was hard to say the least and with Lexie kneeling in front of the mirror I was treated to fantastic oral without, wet and soft with no teeth and some eye contact. Lexie looks stunning with a cock in her mouth, as indeed most girls do, and watching her in the mirror was a bonus. I know that she'd have been happy to have me come on her face like this but I wanted to fuck her so she knelt on the chair and, on with the condom, I pushed into her very willing cunt. I then watched myself fuck her really quite hard in the mirror, she had her head turned towards the mirror and was watching too  as her head repeatedly hit the chair back with my thrusts. Dear reader you won't be surprised to hear that I didn't last long like this, I came hard and Lexie smiled and stayed still while I recovered my composure.

After all this we had some time left and enjoyed winding down with some wine on the bed chatting about sex, relationships and sexual politics. Lexie is entirely relaxed and uninhibited in her nakedness and this all served to round off a very good punt.
I'd very much have liked to try some more of Lexie's "likes" but where the mind was willing unfortunately the body wasn't.

Lexie is a very good Sex Worker, attractive, keen to please and give a good service and at the same time able to create a relaxing warm atmosphere. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and will definitely book her again if ever I'm in Perth in the future.

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Nice review thanks; I've had my eye on her for a while but feedback on here has been very limited and her pics on AW don't give a great idea of what she looks like.

Couple of questions. Was DFK on offer, and did she charge extra for travelling to Perth?

I don't know about DFK and no travel extras charged.

Lexie is certainly pretty enough and her pictures don't so much " not do her justice" but rather barely give you any idea what she looks like, still I expect discretion is her concern.