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I rarely try to punt on Sundays as I have found the best models are never available and you end up seeing someone who you would not have bothered seeing.

But a few times I have seen some of my regulars who have made an exception to see me - even Linda Star when she was in Golders Green.

Have any success stories to share?


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I never punt on Sundays. I prefer to do other things (trips to Kent, photography). Another thing which stops me from punting during weekends is engineering works which affect public transport.

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I rarely try to punt on Sundays as I have found the best models are never available
They're not models, they're Sex Workers.

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I find it surprising how many WGs aren't available on the weekends, I always assumed that'd be when they made their money but looking at my hotlist Thursday and Friday are the easiest days to get an appointment.

Perhaps they like to go to church and repent for their worldly sinning;?..

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I like Sunday's.  It's the last day for a girl in the Chinese shops and her last day to make money in this town or/and the last chance for her to impress you so that you'll visit her again when she returns sometime down the road.

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Sundays are nightmares unless you have organized your punt some days beforehand. I have never been able to find a decent Sunday punt at short notice yet I always remain optimistic and find my wallet a hundred pounds lighter after the event and suffering from buyers remorse.  Spur of the moment punts not recommended on Sundays!

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I've had a lot of Sunday same day punts.  It's always worth phoning around, and a lot of EE girls or touring WGs are still available.

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I've punted many times on a Sunday. Many great times.

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Generally agreed - however there are some positives.  Like diddly-squat traffic to contend with.  Especially on a bank holiday sunday.  Earlier in the day. Although getting time away from the OH is more difficult.  Best when she's away for the weekend

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Sunday's my day for jeesus

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Who could consider punting on thy holiest of thou days

I very rarely punted on Sundays but when I did I found my performance wasn't as good!!!!!

I used to have good success punting on a Sunday, but the last 2 times I have tried have been complete washouts.

Many girls do not work Sundays, so I would only punt on a Sunday now if I have a definite booking arranged. I have given up on speculative Sunday punting.