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Author Topic: Eda - Admiral Escorts, London (Chelsea)  (Read 1428 times)

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Online Jay72

Eda was previously reviewed by Jason, and I echo his thoughts.

Venue: notorious Chelsea hotel

Agency booking: no issues

Girl: very good looking... She really does have a wonderful body with a really sexy midriff. Only slight downside is smallish breasts. Very nice pussy.

Service: had a quick shower with her and then proceeded to the bed, where i had OW (my choice) delivered nicely, then 69/bit of fingering.... What a lovely pussy this girl has. Responded well. Then cowgirl and doggy... Didnt take me very long after playing with her beautiful body. Then chatted for a while and, after a massage, came over a tits (warned me not to do it on her face).

In truth she probably talks a bit too much, was answering text messages and also seemed to have been burning the candle at both ends lately (so looked a bit tired). But everything else was top notch so I would class these as minor negatives. She really does have a warm personality and is accomodating.

On a side note, how long before the notorious hotel is raided? Got to say i dont feel entirely comfortable there.


Offline tazz

Doubt the police will ever raid Chelsea Closters unless theres trafficked women. Is she Romanian?

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