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was looking for a punt and decided to go to new escape on a Saturday
I got there had to wait for 5 mins and was told the girl free the soonest was pippa
Went up to the room got undressed and poppa came in and wow amazing
She's 21 5 ft 6 long blonde hair with a body to dye for
Sorted out the paperwork £70 30 mins
Started with a massive with oil and she started kissing my balls and sucking balls
Then she gave owo which was great on with the sheet to ride me to a finish
Overall great experience with poppa she works tues  and Thursday


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I've searched Web for links and can only find referances and minor info from other adult sites :(

Online badsin

Pippa is a cracker. I reviewed her on a similar forum a couple of years ago.
Great looks and body, tanned, great sparkling white teeth.
Possibly the best in Derby. I just don't want to frequent New Escape - bit to close to home for me.

She didn't used to work at that flat on London Road by any chance did she ? The description sounds like a girl I saw there and she was fit - wouldn't mind seeing her again.

Offline Ramone78

I've seen her a few times, was hoping to send you a link on AW but she has vanished from my Hot List :dash:
She will hopfuly reappear (i've noticed her profile comes and goes) under the name of Princess Pippa.
I reviewed her earlier this year, simply fantastic

Offline peiyee

I saw 'her' in this walk up near Abbey St in Derby... not sure if it was 'her' or not. I was there, asked for Pippa, had to wait, and the girl who came as 'Pippa' was a disappointment physically, flabby tum, nothing like the pics of Princess Pippa. Serviceable F, but had to have a kebab fix to overcome the overwhelming 'why did i bother'.
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Offline Itsnotshy

Saw her earlier this year.Nice friendly girl,very pretty.

As there's not a pic of her available, can you name a celeb, escort or pornstar which has the most similar body? Is she skinny or curvy?

Offline Ramone78

Shes working at New Escape or was on Thursday this week