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Assuming both you gents have applied the Tineye/GRIS analysis tests? If not, no worries the profile
pictures don't come up with anything.

However, I did notice this advert which corresponds with the time "Tina" became active on AW.
There's minimal picture content (just one thumbnail) but have a look at and compare the respective narratives.

AW profile mentions height as 5ft 6inches, the advert mentions 5ft 11inches. Also variance with eye colour too with
AW profile listed as her being brown eyed whereas the advert mentions her being blue eyed.

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I saw tina bunda in october in north london .
Her profile had something really intriguing and myseterious about it - anyway it bothered me enough to have a punt.
Comms were great . Highbury and islington/calendonian road area. residential property.

So i booked for 1.5hrs .
Im 5'5 so she about 5'8 and then wears heels ontop.  size 12/14 chunky firm build, solid polska kurva as i like to say lol . Not fat. But not my type .
She has a natural womanly body, nothing your gonna be amazed by.
Face 6/10 average looking.
Have to say i was dissapointed. I felt too guilty to say can i change my mind and do an hour.
But shes a really nice lady for sure, sweet. Its like a GFE, but i felt let down for sure.

Cant say id recommend , as ive not been back. Why pay steak prices for mcdonalds?
hope that helps.