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Advice on Berlin for next week please .
Hello I've read lots on here about Berlin , and it sounds like a great place .
I'll be there next week for 4 nights , but working a little and with friends , so my free time might be limited.
 I'm not really interested in parties , but the flat rate brothels sound good .
Unfortunately I'm flying to Tegel , not Schoenfeld , so Airportgirls is just too far away for me .
Is there anywhere comparable to airportsgirls in the city centre ? ... The value for money sounds so good .
 Alternatively , any recommendations for normal brothels where I can walk in and select a girl .
   Are there any sites in English where independents advertise ? Like an Adultwork for berlin ?

When I punt in the UK I generally prefer longer meetings with girls who give a very high standard of service with most services included ... DFK owo cim anal etc . and I'm happy to pay a higher rate for the quality and variety of service ... So if anyone can recommend any exceptional individuals in Berlin for a longer punt , I would be very interested .
I've never tried street girls . After reading Wankings reports I'm a little tempted to try something different .... A sneaky fuck in the park sounds exciting .
Is the street scene based in one place ? Or several areas ?
 Sorry for so many questions . I have read up on here , but the party thing is not for me , so still looking for info

 thanks very much

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Is the main site for Berlin

King George and Caligula are flatrate brothels closer into the city BUT having seen the reviews, I wouldn't rush to visit

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With your comments, I think Artemis FKK might go down a treat, unless you really really can't afford it.

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Berlin and Germany as a general is good for bang for buck in the GB Prty, flatrates and FKK (to some extents) . There are not many other cities / countries on this planet earth could match Berlin / DE.

But if your preference is 1to1 session then as suggested by Steely Dan, Artemis FKK is the best one

Berlin des not have mega brothels such as those available in Cologne but Berlin has a lot of small brothels, though I myself would not bother to visit as I could easily get the same thing with aproximately the same rate here in London.

Example small brothesl which is often reommended by punters is

You could also do incall with individual escort (work like AW) from the link steve has sent you
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There was a we who was based in Enfield. She now plys her trade in Charlottenberg, Berlin.

Definitely worth a punt I was a regular when she was local to me.

Australian girl, sweet & submissive. or

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I'd read all the reviews on this site and go from there depending on what takes your fancy - the Berlin experts on here really are masters of their craft I have to say, so you can pretty much have your itinerary sorted well ahead.

Personally I went for King George flatrate as an experience (a good one, and cheap!), and freudenhaus - a good old fashioned brothel with a girl at every door....could go back to Berlin again and again for sure.....