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Where you've never been before at least.

Do you guys tend to stick with a girl you know or try as many different as possible?

I like the variety but sometimes a new wg just comes up short and I find myself thinking I should have played it safe.

Primarily I'm looking at Bristol and there's a few ticking my boxes, but maybe a visit back to soph or angelina both who I have seen once before is best?

If not any recommendations, probably fairly pse?

Generally I like variety (for me the main reason to do this hobby is to fuck lots of different girls) - but I also have a small number of girls who were so good I've been back to. In Bristol that list is Goddess Karolina, Angelina (although not seen her for ages), Cassandra and Allisya. I also punt in London and have a few there. To that list I would probably also add Petite Sophie, who I saw for the first time last week and would see again; and obviously Little Katie, who I've never seen (!!) but who sounds spectacular and someone I really need to arrange a booking with before she either retires or gets jaded....

+1, I have a fave few in and around Bristol, Angelina, Roxy, Sofia . But like Zakk, I prefer variety and will try out as much as I can.
I have great hopes for Hollie Love when I get round to seeing her, which at the moment is unlikely due to tedious work commitments.   :dash:

I've started my Return to see List (RL)

Variety is most defiantly the main event, but like yourself I have come up short a few times.

If you play it safe you sick to the UKP reviews and advice and you're safe

But sometimes you just have to chance your arm TOFTT and see what transpires