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TT and I had exchanged several emails and discussed our meet, and on the day she texted me early to confirm that it was all still on as planned. Throughout TT was organised and reliable in her correspondence so it was no surprise whatsoever that she rang me from outside the hotel exactly on time.
I went down to the lobby and met her and escorted her up to the room.

TT is exactly as her pictures, that is to say stunningly attractive with her own style and a visibly strong persona. It's no surprise that she's an alternative model and has created some striking images. We chatted very easily over a glass or two of wine until I needed to explore her body art so she let me undress her.
TT's body is slim, toned and perfectly proportioned, her lovely small breasts are topped by very pert responsive nipples.

We used some massage oil on one another and got extremely relaxed in each others company, this really was a GFE.
Mutual slow sloppy oral preceded TT sitting on my cock and with her hands on my chest and her eyes always on mine she slowly squeezed and rubbed my cock with her tight strong cunt muscles. This was sex from an expert who knew how to control the pace for best results !!   

Afterwards more very natural genuinely interesting chat and it seemed all too suddenly the hour was up.

So TT might not be to all tastes, she's certainly petite, and she's very alternative, but if that's your thing then she is to be very highly recommended. In terms of VFM I'd mark her highly at £130/hr inclusive. I wouldn't hesitate to return if ever I'm in the Bradford area again.

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Nice review she defo looks interesting