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Anybody seen northernbella tried a search but couldn't find any reviews
Thanks in advance

There was a thread on here previously. She went by a different name and can't for my life think what it was, sure there was a review also. She had good feedback on her old AW as well. But I do seem to remember it was confirmed she was much bigger than a size 8 and older than stated.
Don't quote me on any of this though.

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She used to be Nikita with Amour, and also VIPangels, and before that she was Belle with Diamonds.

I know she also used to also be Savannah's Duo partner when Savannah was based in Sunderland.

I have chatted with her a few times simply because she is best friends with another girl - wont say who incase they don't want people to know this. And she came across as very nice each time.

I think she was also on AW as an independent known as NaughtyNikita in mid 2013. She was based in Stanley and had positive feedback and a couple of positive reviews (for what its worth on that site)

Pictures looked decent and she was on my hotlist but dropped off AW before I could book.


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Was she not found to be using false Pictures in her gallery?

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Was she not found to be using false Pictures in her gallery?

The only thing I remember was people making comments that she seemed older than what she stated on her AW profile.

From searching the forum for all the topics with reviews and comments on Nikita, I've found these two topics. But nothing about fake pictures.
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